Meet Our Residents



Class of 2022

Gabrielle Alexander, M.D.

 Univ. of Mississippi School of Medicine 2018

Victoria Bone, M.D.

American University of the Caribbean 2018

 Taylor Cook, D.O. 

William Carey University 2018

Roumta Odisho, M.D.

LSU School of Medicine New Orleans 2018

Class of 2023

 Maggie Cahill, M.D.

  LSU School of Medicine New Orleans 2019

Jessica Cole, M.D.

 LSU School of Medicine New Orleans 2019

Rachel Gilbert, D.O.

 William Carey University 2019

Kaitlyn Taylor, M.D.

 LSU School of Medicine New Orleans 2019

Class of 2024

 Marissa Chinn, M.D.

  California Northstate College of Medicine 2020

Andrea Dousdebes, M.D.

LSU School of Medicine New Orleans 2020

Jacklyn Locklear, M.D.

University of Central Florida College of Medicine 2020

Emily Stephenson, M.D.

LSUHSC New Orleans 2020

Class of 2025

 Shelby Howard, M.D.

  Medical College of Georgia 2021

Aaliyah Keels, M.D.

University of South Carolina School of Medicine 2021

Jordan Spencer, M.D.

University of Arkansas College of Medicine 2021

Caitlin Witt, M.D.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center 2021