Wellness for the LSU OBGYN Residents:

Our department is dedicated to physician wellbeing, and we fully support wellness events and education for our residents.

We have a Wellness Committee who is responsible for creation and scheduling of wellness activities to support our mission. The committee includes:
Pallavi Nair, PGY4
Rali Peneva, PGY4
Markeiya Polite, PGY4
Vibha Rao, PGY2
Antonia Traina, PGY2
Deanna Dawson, PGY1
Sara Lever, PGY1

The vision statement for resident well-being is as follows:

"In our department of OBGYN at LSU New Orleans, wellness is not just a checkbox, but an innate sense of fulfilling ourselves as humans. We aim to learn the art of self-care so that we can pour the best versions of ourselves into our work and can lead our patients not only by clinical accumen, but by example. As a resident, the unique role of both full-time learner and full-time physician collide into a finite, intense experience. But throughout it all, we don't let our residents forget they are human first."


Upcoming Wellness Events for Fall 2020:

  • AROM (Amazing Residents of the Month) posters on L&D
  • Collection for the Period Project and Hurricane Laura Evacuees
  • Wellness Bingo
  • Move4Her (to support GYN Cancers) Virtual Road Race
  • Annual Pumpkin Carving
  • Get out the Vote--advocacy and getting residents to the polls tovote!
  • Friendsgiving Potluck


Please refer to our 2019-2020 list of wellness events for examples of our activities.

2019-2020 Wellness Events


Wellness wheel


Physician Well-Being

As healthcare professionals are exposed to high levels of distress in the course of their profession and are therefore susceptible to experiencing burnout, LSUHSC recognizes that prioritizing self-care has ripple effects. Often times, communication is improved, better decisions are made, errors are decreased and attitudes are raised. LSUHSC recognizes that taking care of oneself will in turn improve patient care, personal relationships and the LSUHSC community as a whole.

As an institution, the Campus Assistance Program is a free service that exists to support the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of residents, students, faculty, staff and immediate family members in order to promote the overall health and effectiveness of the LSUHSC community.

In 2019, the School of Medicine formulated the LSUHSC Wellness Krewe: Self-Care for Health Care. The goal of the Wellness Krewe is to promote a healthy learning and working environment, building resiliency, and personal well-being among faculty, staff, residents and students in LSUHSC’s School of Medicine and the Health Sciences Center.

In addition, the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has an abundant amount of resources available through the AWARE platform for residents and fellows designed to promote well-being among residents, fellows, faculty members and others in the GME community.