Ryan program


LSU New Orleans Department of OBGYN has a well-established commitment to teaching Family Planning principles; this is part of our educational planning throughout the four years of training. We are proud to be designated as a Ryan Residency Training program for Family Planning and have been since 2015.

Despite recent changes regarding abortion access**, we continue to have a robust Family Planning curriculum. We adhere to the standards that the ACGME has set forth regarding Family Planning education and training. This includes the following:

  1. Programs must provide training or access to training in the provision of abortions, and this must be part of the planned curriculum. **Our residency will be paired with a Ryan Program out of state to provide abortion care as outlined by the ACGME requirements.
  2. Residents who have a religious or moral objection may opt out and must not be required to participate in training in or performing induced abortions. 
  3. Programs must ensure residents’ clinical experience includes involvement in educating patients on the surgical and medical therapeutic options related to the provision of abortions.
  4. Residents must participate in the management of complications of abortions.
  5. Residents must have training in all forms of contraception

Our residency mission includes the following:

  • To create and support a comprehensive curriculum
  • To support reproductive justice efforts and access to resources for our patients
  • To provide equitable, safe care with a focus on health care disparities


We have support to reach our goals for education and patient care from our partnering hospitals, institutions, and clinics. We have also placed additional focus on advocacy work both at the local and national levels. This has included:

  • Advocacy training at the ACOG Congressional Leadership Conference in D.C. each year
  • Local testimony at our state capitol
  • Patient centered efforts to increase access to contraception and emergency contraception in our clinical environments
  • Ongoing education to our emergency medicine and primary care colleagues to enhance opportunities for contraception access and preconception care


The Family Planning experience also includes:

Hands-on Exercises:

  • Intern Bootcamp --- Nexplanon certification and IUD insertion training
  • Manual Vacuum Aspiration Papaya Lab


Opportunities for placement of Post Placental IUD in our birthing hospital

Online Curriculum using the Innovating Education in Reproductive Health platform:



Module IV: Early pregnancy loss management
Module V: Contraception
Module IX: Counseling


Module I: Overview of abortion care
Module III: Medication abortion and labor induction termination
Module VII: An intro to reproductive justice


Module II: First-trimester uterine aspiration abortion and Second-trimester dilation and evacuation
Module VIII: Career planning



Module IV: Policy
Module X: Advocacy



We encourage you to look at our website, ask questions if you come to interview with us, and join us to provide excellent care for the women in our community!


Nicole Freehill, MD, MPH
Ryan Program Director


Stacey L. Holman, MD
Residency Program Director