Our program has two residents who play the role as social chairs. With the support of faculty, the social chairs organize various social gatherings throughout the year. A few examples: Pelicans game, meeting at restaurants, New Orleans Saints parties, happy hours to name a few. In addition to our own program’s wellness activities, Med/Peds residents also have many wellness activities offered by both the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics programs, Children’s Hospital and UMCNO.

The LSU Department of Pediatrics Wellness Committee and Children’s Hospital initiated the Geaux Well program that is resident driven and is based on the wellness interests of the residents. The program focuses on various aspects of wellness:

  • Body: physical wellness, healthy lifestyle, self-care
  • Career: occupational and professional
  • Intellectual
  • Mind: emotional and spiritual
  • Social: community work and personal

 Geaux Well Activities 

  • Resident Families for peer mentorship
  • Wellness Ambassadors to plan out-of-hospital social events
  • Additional Activities
    • Department of Pediatrics Picnic
    • Heal the Healer Week
    • Resident Appreciation Week
    • Yoga sessions
    • Monthly conferences with lunch
    • More!

The UMCNO Academic Affairs and the B Well Program UMCNO’s Well-Being Program, offer Wellness Wednesdays throughout the year and Coffee Talks with coffee and pastries.  LSUHSC also hosts several seminars throughout the year, such as “Mindfulness in Wellness and Illness”.  Residents are encouraged to participate. Our residents also have free access to the LSUHSC's Wellness Center.  The Wellness Center is equipped with workout machines such as treadmill, Stairmaster, weight room and offers mindfulness classes, group exercises and Pilates reformer class. In addition, there is a Wellness Committee at LSUHSC (LSU Wellness Krewe).  The goal of the LSUHSC Wellness Committee is to promote a healthy learning and working environment, building resiliency, and personal well-being among faculty, staff, residents, and students in LSUHSC School of Medicine and the Health Sciences Center. The content within the wellness committee website offers information on well-being, stress, depression, alcohol use, suicide, mindfulness, PTSD, work-life balance and other resources that are helpful for our working community.


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