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Medicine - Pediatrics

Please allow me to personally welcome you to our LSU New Orleans Med-Peds Residency Program and to let you know why this program is so special.


First of all, we get to live and work in New Orleans. New Orleans is a vibrant city full of very rich culture and original traditions. It is literally colorful - houses, bead trees, street cars, Mardi Gras Indians - and the personalities of our neighbors and patients are the same. The music, food, and culture are unrivaled, and we have hundreds of festivals every year!

Secondly, we have the most welcoming group of residents and faculty. I am proud of the diversity in experience and knowledge that my residents bring to the program and to their day-to-day work, and this diversity allows for inclusion and support for anyone passionate enough about Med-Peds to join our program. There truly is a family feeling here, and the current residents and many alumni who are involved in the program can speak to this as well.  

As a previous graduate of this program, I have a strong commitment to ensuring that our residents receive outstanding training to be the best physicians that they can be.  The clinical experience is unparalleled with residents rotating in 4 different hospitals, providing the opportunity to practice in a variety of medical settings and patient populations. Sitting at the northern edge of the Caribbean and as a travel destination and port, learning medicine in New Orleans allows for exposure to rare illnesses. The program leadership, both in Med-Peds and in our categorical programs, are approachable, communicative, and proactive, and they always seek to put residents' education and wellness first.  


Please take the time to explore our website and get to know us.  


If you would like additional information , please contact me via email or our amazing Program Coordinator - Vilma Cervantes - in our office at 504-568-3792 or via email at  


Katie Brown, MD 
Residency Program Director
LSU Medicine/Pediatrics