St Charles Clinic

Continuity Clinic

The Med/Peds continuity clinic is a combined clinic where residents see the entire spectrum of age groups from neonates through geriatrics. Residents attend clinic one half-day per week throughout their residency. The clinic provides plenty of opportunity for preventive services such as well-child visits, pelvic exams, immunizations, counseling, birth control, and STD testing, as well as procedures such as joint injections, cryotherapy for wart removal, incision and drainage of abscesses, and ear piercing. An electronic health record gives residents valuable experience with writing e-notes and e-prescribing, as well as allowing remote access to the patient's clinic chart. Staffed entirely by Med/Peds-trained faculty members who provide residents with one-on-one attention, clinic is the highlight of the week for many residents. In addition, because this is the private clinic for our Med/Peds faculty, patients are loyal to their primary care physicians, providing residents with a true continuity experience. Residents enjoy and value their continuity clinic experience because it simulates a Med/Peds private practice setting without skimping on academics.


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