This 224-bed hospital is Louisiana's only free-standing children's hospital, offering a range of services for children from birth to 21 years. It includes general pediatric floors, pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, acute care spinal and rehabilitation units, and an oncology unit. It houses two hybrid-catheterization labs, Cardiac Itensive Care Unit (CICU) and a large congenital cardiac surgical suite. The medical staff at Children's Hospital is comprised of over 400 physicians representing all pediatric medical and surgical subspecialties. In 2016, there were over 155,00 visits with patients referred from every parish in Louisiana, 40 other states, and 2 foreign countries. Children's Hospital owns and operates its own helicopter for transporting critically ill patients from outlying areas. The ER evaluates over 33,000 patients each year, and the ambulatory care center has over 170,000 visits annually. Outpatient care is offered in a variety of subspecialties as well as in psychology, physical, occupational, respiratory, speech, and hearing therapies, and through various other specialized programs. Residents rotate through general pediatric wards, inpatient subspecialty consult services, heme/onc, PICU, NICU, ER, and subspecialty clinics attached to the hospital. The hospital is currently undergoing a $300M expansion of facilities and services. [more]




Touro Infirmary

Touro 2020

Founded in 1852, Touro Infirmary has been in the vanguard of medical excellence. Tens of thousands of babies have been born at Touro, and more than a million people have been treated at this well-respected hospital. Residents rotate through its large newborn nursery and community-level NICU to gain experience in the care, delivery, and resuscitation of newborns. This 465-bed hospital also offers cardio-diagnostics and heart catheterization services, two adult ICUs, inpatient rehabilitation, and a wide range of medical and surgical specialists. Residents provide care for two inpatient ward teams which operate on an every 4-day call schedule. As the ICUs are open units, residents continue to manage their patients if they are transferred to one of the ICUs, though critical care consultation is available. [more]


Ochsner Medical Center- Kenner

This 203-bed acute care community hospital is located in Kenner, a suburb of New Orleans. It offers a full-service ER, surgery department, cardiac catheterization lab, hyperbaric medicine and wound care, oncology services, and advanced orthopedic services. Residents rotate on wards teams supervised by dedicated LSU hospitalists, as well as on a variety of subspecialty electives including cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, and infectious disease. As the ICU is an open-unit, residents on wards services can continue to manage their patients, though critical care consultation is available. [more]