Resident Publications

David Lake

  1. David Lake. 2020. “Can Nonsignificant Results be Meaningful?” LSU Hospitalist Conference, New Orleans, LA. (Oral Presentation)
  2. David Lake, Katie McQueen Amaker, Agustin Garcia. “Managing Dual Antiplatelet Therapy and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulopathy: A Case Report.” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 2020; 68(2):510. [Erroneously published under CH Harris] 
  3. David Lake, William Gibson, Erik Oltmann, Kyle I. Happel, and Ross McCarron. 2020. “A Case Report of Myxedema Coma and Diabetic Ketoacidosis Extreme Hyperosmolality.” LSU Medicine Research Day, New Orleans, LA. (Poster)
  4. David Lake, Stephen Werner, Lina Ellard, Erin Dauchy. “Massive Hemoptysis of an Incarcerated Patient.” Journal of Investigative Medicine. 2019;67(2):548.
  5. David Lake. 2019. “Review of Cyanotic Heart Lesions.” East Jefferson Department of Family Medicine, Metairie, LA. (Invited Talk)
  6. David Lake and Kate Brown. 2019. “Aging into Adult Guidelines: A Case Report of a 19-year-old on Chronic Warfarin Therapy.” LSU Pediatrics Research Day, New   Orleans, LA. (Poster)
  7. David Lake, Jonathan Chawla, Julie Gallois, and Jeffrey Surcouf. 2019. “Posterior Rib Fractures Associated with Birth Trauma: A Case Report.” LSU Pediatrics Research Day, New Orleans, LA. (Poster)

Caitlin Sullivan

  1. Diana Maslov, Katherine Thomas, Victoria Simenson, Caitlin Sullivan, Ala Mohammed, Jessica Boyce, Marc Matrana. “Immunotherapy Related Adverse Events Predict Treatment Response.” Journal of Cancer Treatment and Research. 2020;8(2):45-50.
  2. John Kucharczyk, Caitlin Sullivan, Jonathan Lu, Andrew Kolomensky, Edward Peters, &Marc R. Matrana. "Prognostic and Predictive Value of Pretreatment Derived Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated with an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor.” Journal of Cancer Therapy. 2018;9(1):23-34.
  3. Sullivan CM, Fenech MA, Ferreira LT, Mehmood R, MacDonald WA, Stathopulos PB, Pin CL. “Atp2c2 is Transcribed from a Unique Transcriptional Start Site in Mouse Pancreatic Acinar Cells.” Journal of Cellular Physiology. 2016;231(12): 2768-78. doi: 10.1002/jcp.25391.
  4. Sullivan CM, Lu J, Kucharcczak JR, Vesselinovitch D, Khurana N, KC M, Matrana MR. “Smoking history and PD-1/PDL-1 pathway blockade: Predicting response to treatment in metastatic cancer.” Poster/Abstract: 2019 ASCO-SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology Symposium. Feb 28, 2019.
  5. Chang W, Krulisky K, Millard T, Sullivan CM, Molina C, Clay D, Srivastav S, Joshi V,. Factors Affecting Response to Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) in Barrett’s Esophagus: Does Depth of Disease Matter? Poster/Abstract: World Congress of Gastroenterology at the American College of Gastroenterology 2017 Conference, Oct 13-18, 2017
  6. Sodini S, Shafiq AB, Alim M, Sullivan CM, Sharma V, Wong K, Tang E, Tang WT, Sinclair-Ford FA, Stanhope M, Sheedy G, Tarasyuk I. “Global Impact of Pandemic Influenza in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.” Abstract/Presentation: University of Queensland School of Medicine Global Health Conference, September 2015, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Tat Yau

  1. T. Yau, J. Abdalla, and R. McCarron. 2020. “Delayed Reaction and Acute Interstitial Nephritis Induced by Piperacillin: A Case Report” Annual Louisiana ACP Meeting (Poster)
  2. A. McCormick, O. Ali, T. Yau, J. Martinez. 2020. “Lower Extremity Edema with Arteriovenous Fistula: A Differential Beyond DVT.” Southern Regional Meeting (Poster)
  3. T. Yau, L. DeLatin, J. Aita-Levy. 2019. “Abnormal Vasculature Findings in Menkes Disease: A Case Report.” LA AAP Crescent City Potpourri on 8/16/2019 (Poster)
  4. B. Boudreaux, E. Dauchy, C. Robinson, S. Werner, T. Yau, C. Sanders. 2019. “When things aren’t as they seem: Aeromonas bacteremia presenting as an AKI and rhabdomyolysis” LSU Medicine Research Day (Poster)