The LSU Medicine Pediatrics program in New Orleans, works collaboratively with the LSU Health Sciences Center to provide its residents with a well-rounded education in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in an environment that emphasizes critical thinking and graded supervision. At the completion of their training, the Medicine/Pediatrics graduates are expected to be compassionate, competent and autonomous physicians who have successfully mastered the six ACGME competencies. The program also encourages community awareness through its involvement in various volunteer activities offered throughout residency in an attempt “to give back to the community.”

Provide a broad depth of knowledge in both pediatrics and internal medicine through a combination of learning opportunities that include but are not limited to:  bedside teaching rounds; formal didactic conferences; MKSAP and PREP board preparation materials.

The program will provide clinical rotations and didactic schedules that will help trainees develop the clinical skills including relevant procedures (Pap smear, ACLS, intravenous lines, arterial punctures, incision and drainage) in both the outpatient and inpatient settings to become proficient and competent internists and pediatricians.

Provide ongoing personal and professional guidance and mentorship that will enable trainees to make informed decisions regarding how to successfully accomplish their future career and family goals.

Expose trainees to a wide variety of career options during their residency while allowing trainees to focus on specific areas of interests for career planning via their Individual Educational Units.

Inspire trainees to be well-rounded, resilient, and independent thinkers who provide compassionate and comprehensive care to patients of all socio-economic backgrounds.

Foster an environment of inquiry and intellectual curiosity that includes evidence-based medicine and critical thinking skills to provide trainees with lifelong learning skills.

Create an inclusive environment of diversity and collegiality that fosters acceptance of all religions, ethnicities, genders and cultures while maintaining a no tolerance policy to discrimination.

Effectively recognize the signs of fatigue and mitigate burnout by prioritizing the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of all trainees by creating rotations and schedules compliant with ACGME duty hour and admission requirements.

Demonstrate ongoing commitment to community service by encouraging volunteerism of all activities sponsored by the LSU Health Sciences Center, our student and resident organizations, and affiliated hospitals. 

Prioritize dissemination of knowledge and teaching excellence by our residents and faculty to our medical students, patients, and interns and residents.

Role model and teach professionalism to trainees so they demonstrate professional behavior in all aspects of patient care.