Current Residents

Like the city of New Orleans, our program draws residents from many different places, cultures, and backgrounds. The Med/Peds Chiefs Residents are fourth-year residents selected by the Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics who work closely with the chief residents of each department as the resident-administration liaisons. Please feel free to contact our Chief Residents before, during, or after the application process with any questions.


Class of 2022


Devyn Rohlfs Rivera

Devyn L.  Rohlfs Rivera, MD

Chief Resident 2021-2022



Medical Education:    University of Medicine & Health Sciences of Saint Kitts


Premedical Education:    University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez: B.S. in Industrial Microbiology


Hometown:  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


Plans after residency:  Allergy/Immunology




Caitlin Sullivan

Caitlin Sullivan, MD, MSc

Chief Resident 2021-2022


Medical Education: University of Queensland, Ochsner Clinical School 


Premedical Education:    University of Western Ontario: Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Science- Pharmacology and Developmental Biology 


Hometown:  Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada


Plans after residency: Palliative Care, Combined Hematology and Oncology







Christine Bruins

Christine Bruins, MD

Medical Education: St. George’s University


Premedical Education:   UC Berkeley: Totalitarian Regimes with an Emphasis in the Soviet Union


Hometown:  Pasadena, CA


Plans  after residency:     Hospitalist




Marie B

Marie Bulathsinghala,  MD, PhD

Medical Education:   Penn State College of Medicine


Premedical Education:   Bryn Mawr College


Hometown:  Durango, CO


Plans  after residency:    NICU










Kimiknu Mentore

Kimiknu Mentore , MD


Medical Education: Marshall University


Premedical Education:   Duke University: B.A.


Hometown:  Charlottesville, VA

Plans  after residency:   Infectious Disease




Blair Stevens

Blair Stevens, MD

Medical Education: Louisiana State University, Shreveport


Premedical Education:   University of Louisiana at Lafayette: B.S.


Hometown:  Denham Springs, LA


Plans after residency:   Hospitalist






Class of 2023

Christophe DeLespinasse 1

Christophe DeLespinasse, MD, MS


Medical Education:   Florida International University College of Medicine


Premedical Education:   Babson College: B.S. in Business Administration, Barry University: M.S. in Biomedical Sciences


Hometown:  Miami, FL


Plans  after residency: Hospitalist, medical missions to Haiti


Laura Hutchins 2

Laura Hutchins,  MD


Medical Education:   Wake Forest of Medicine


Premedical Education:   Wake Forest University: B.S. in Biochemistry and Women's and Gender Studies with Minor in Biology 


Hometown:  Asheville, NC


Plans  after residency:    Critical Care Fellowship or Hospitalist 


Andrea Ito 2

Andrea Ito  , MD


Medical Education:    Creighton University 


Premedical Education:   Saint Joseph's University: B.S. in Biology with Minor in Healthcare Ethics and Faith/Justice Studies


Hometown:  San Diego, CA


Plans  after residency:    Infectious Disease and/or  Hospitalist


Hayoung Lee 2

Hayoung Lee, MD


Medical Education:    George Washington University


Premedical Education:    University of Oregon: B.S. in Human Psychology and Biology


Hometown:  Eugene, OR


Plans after residency: Work with underserved communities, possibly in global health 


Chelsea Vaughn 1

Chelsea Vaughn, MD


Medical Education:   Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center- Shreveport


Premedical Education:     Tulane University: B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering 


Hometown:     Lafayette, LA


Plans after residency:   Critical Care Fellowship or Hospitalist


Deena Wisa 1  

Deena Wisa, MD


Medical Education: St. George's University   


Premedical Education:    University of Rochester: B. A. in Psychology/Brain and Cognitive Science 


Hometown:  Rochester, NY


Plans  after residency: Primary Care, possibly Allergy and Immunology Fellowship


Class of 2024

Christophe DeLespinasse 1

Lauren DeLeon, MD


Medical Education:   St. George's University School of Medicine


Premedical Education:    University of Florida: Biochemistry with Dance minor


Hometown:  Englewood, FL


Plans  after residency:   Primary Care


Laura Hutchins 2

DeLane Hise, DO


Medical Education:   Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine


Premedical Education:    University of Tennessee at Chattanooga: Biology with Chemistry minor


Hometown:  Spring Hill, TN


Plans after residency:    PICU


Andrea Ito 2

Nataliya Khimitch, DO


Medical Education:     American University of the Caribbean 


Premedical Education:    NYU: Psychology


Hometown:    Brooklyn, NY


Plans  after residency:   Undecided, possibly GI


Hayoung Lee 2

Meaghan McHahon, MD


Medical Education:    Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University


Premedical Education:     University of North Florida


Hometown:    Palm City, FL


Plans after residency:   Primary Care or Allery/Immunology 


Chelsea Vaughn 1

Ashley Misky, DO


Medical Education:   Lincoln Memorial - Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine


Premedical Education:    Tennessee Technological University 


Hometown:  Memphis, TNU


Plans  after residency:    Primary Care or Pediatric Cardiology


Deena Wisa 1  

Emily Riley, MD


Medical Education:  University of Arkansas


Premedical Education:    LSU: Biochemistry


Hometown:   Dumas, AR


Plans after residency:  Cardiology, possibly adult congenital                                                                                                                                         



Cassie Shaw, MD

Medical Education: University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Premedical Education:  The University of Southern Mississippi: B.S. in Biological Sciences 

Hometown:  Mobile, AL

Plans after residency: Undecided, probably Allergy and Immunology or Dermatology 





Class of 2025





Vivek Patel, DO

Medical Education: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Virginia Campus 

Premedical Education: Virginia Commonwealth University - B.S. in Biomedical Engineering; Eastern Virginia Medical School - M.S. in Biomedical Sciences

Hometown: Emporia, VA

Plans after residency: Undecided







Brooke Mcvaney, DO

Medical Education: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine 

Premedical Education: West Virginia Wesleyan College: B.S. Exercise Physiology 

Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia 

Plans after residency: Fellowship or Hospitalist 





Sandrine N. Defeu, MD

Medical Education: Texas Tech Health Science Center, El Paso

Premedical Education: University of Dschang, Cameroon: Biochemistry, minor in pharmacology; Texas Tech Health Science Center, Lubbock Texas: B.S. in Biochemistry, minor in chemistry; Texas A&M College station: MPH

Hometown: Buea, Cameroon

Plans after residency:  Undecided, Hematology/Oncology with a focus on sickle cell disease or Congenital cardiology





Taylor Sanders, MD

Medical Education: LSUHSC-NO

Premedical Education: Xavier University of Louisiana: B.S. in Biology 

Hometown: Homewood, IL

Plans after residency: Possible Combined Fellowship in Endocrine (or another combined subspecialty) vs Allergy/ Immunology vs Primary Care






Sara Anderson, MD

Medical Education: Tulane University School of Medicine

Premedical Education: Pomona College, B.S. in Chemistry and Spanish

Hometown: Dickinson, North Dakota

Plans after residency:  Dual Hospitalist and International Disaster relief work or Critical care






Why Our Residents Chose LSU New Orleans:

"The people I met on zoom were incredible. One of my most relaxed interviews, the resident are very welcoming. Great people."  -Sandrine Defeu, MD


 "I chose LSU because when I interviewed I felt that the residents had a tight-knit community and were happy learning here. Everyone I met was so welcoming and friendly and truly interested in me as a person. I also wanted to attend a residency program that would allow me to see a diversity of patients and illness severeity. I felt that LSU I would not only be challenged but also supported tremendoulsy in all aspects of residency."  -Emily Riley, MD  


" During my interview, all of the residents were so nice, and they only spoke highly of the entire program. I loved everyone I met and really loved the new UMC and changes coming soon to Children’s Hospital."     -Blair Stevens, MD


" I chose LSU-NOLA because this city is magical and I loved everything about the program and the amazing people in the Med- Peds department!!!"  - Christine Bruins, MD


" I love the LSU family! The faculty, residents, staff are always willing to teach and help!  I love spending time with my family here in New Orleans and attending Saints and LSU football games. I also enjoy eating  Procambarus clarkii  (crawfish)!"    -Tat Yau, MD


"I had a fantastic experience during my interview. Everyone was incredibly welcoming, passionate about patient care, and excited to be in the program, which said a lot. The "good vibes" aside, this program accesses a diverse patient population with training at several hospitals, creating exposure to different groups of individuals and healthcare systems. I am confident I will be well-prepared for whatever may come next."