Current Residents

Our program draws residents from many different places, cultures, and backgrounds. Please feel free to contact any of our residents with questions about our program. The Med/Peds Chiefs Residents are fourth-year residents selected by the Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics who work closely with the chief residents of each department as the resident-administration liaisons. Responsibilities include making rotation schedules, recruiting new residents, and organizing didactics.


Class of 2019


Chief  Resident 2018-2019


Medical Education  Louisiana State University New Orleans  


Premedical Education  Louisiana State University: BS- Chemistry  


Hometown  New Orleans, LA  


Post Residency  Inpatient/Outpatient Med/ Peds , Hospitalist, Academic Medicine  


Mary Catherine Gaston, MD


Medical Education Louisiana State University, Shreveport, LA  


Premedical Education  University of Pennsylvania: B . A . - Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Minor- Fine Arts  


Hometown  Baton Rouge, LA  


Plans  Primary Academic Med/ Peds , Palliative Care, or Combined Med/ Peds  Fellowships  


Nicole Howerton, DO


Medical  Education   University  of North Texas Health Science Center


Premedical Education  University of Texas- Austin:  B . A . , Theatre and Dance  


Hometown   Tulsa , OK  


Plans   Med - Peds  Hospitalist  


Lucas Puttock, DO


Medical Education  Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine


Premedical  Education   University  of California San Diego:  B . S . - Human Biology


Hometown:  Huntington Beach, CA


Plans  Inpatient/Outpatient Med/ Peds  in an Academic Setting, Transitional Care, Special Needs Care, Palliative Care  


Class of 2020

Jasmine Gaines

Jasmine Gaines, MD, PhD


Medical Education: Wayne State University


Premedical Education:  University  of Alabama at Birmingham, B.S.-  Biology, Ph.D. -  Cellular/Molecular Biology


Hometown   Butler , AL


Plans   Primary Care, Inpatient/Outpatient Med- Peds , Underserved populations/community health  



Medical  Education   Ross  University


Premedical Education  Dickinson State University, B . S. - Biology;  Colorado State University, M . S . -Toxicology


Hometown   Upton , WY (Best Town on Earth ! )


Plans   Med / Peds  Hospitalist, Combined Med/ Peds  fellowships  


Medical  Education   University of Mississippi  School of Medicine  


Premedical Education  University of Mississippi:  B.A. - Psychology and Biochemistry


Hometown   Pontotoc , MS  


Plans   Hospitalist and Primary Care in Internal Medicine and  Pediatrics



Medical  Education   University of Kentucky


Premedical Education  University of Florida : B.S.- Biology  


Hometown  Kissimmee, FL  


Plans  Med- Peds  Hospitalist  


Brittany Mock, DO


Medical  Education   Lake  Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine  


Premedical  Education  University of West Florida :  B. S .-  Pre-Professional Biology  


Hometown Pensacola, FL  


Plans Inpatient and Outpatient Med/ Peds  in Academic Setting  


Corey Gregg, MD   


Medical Education  University of Miami


Premedical Education University of Florida  


Hometown  Cooper City, Florida  


Plans  Med - Peds Hospitalist, Global Health


Class of 2021

Elaine Duffee

Medical  Education   University  of South Alabama  


Premedical Education  Birmingham-Southern College  


Hometown   Birmingham , AL  


Plans  U ndecided (I like it all!)  



Medical  Education   Nova  Southeastern University 


Premedical  Education   University  of Florida :   B iology and  M inor  in   B usiness  


Hometown  Coral Springs, FL  


Plans  Hospitalist  



Medical  Education   University  of South Carolina- Columbia  


Premedical Education  The  Citadel: B.S.- Biology   


Hometown   St. Matthews, SC  


Plans   Pediatric  Critical Care, hospitalist, or whatever I discover is even more interesting over the next few years




Janet Smith, MD  


Medical Education  Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University  


Premedical Education North Carolina State University: Microbiology with Genetics minor  


Hometown Hickory, NC      


Plans   Undecided  but possibly infectious disease  




Tat  Yau , MD


Medical Education  Louisiana State University, New Orleans


Premedical Education  Loyola University: B.S.- Biology  


Hometown  Hong Kong  


Plans  Primary Care   



Class of 2022

Christine Bruins

Christine Bruins, MD


Medical Education St. George’s University


Premedical Education   UC Berkeley: Totalitarian Regimes with an Emphasis in the Soviet Union


Hometown  Pasadena, CA


Plans  undecided, possibly Combined Rheumatology


Marie B

Marie Bulathsinghala,  MD, PhD


Medical Education   Penn State College of Medicine


Premedical Education   Bryn Mawr College


Hometown  Durango, CO


Plans  Hospitalist, considering Hematology and Oncology 

Kimiknu Mentore

Kimiknu Mentore , MD


Medical Education Marshall University


Premedical Education   Duke University: B.A.


Hometown  Charlottesville, VA


Plans  Infectious Disease fellowship

Devyn Rohlfs Rivera

Devyn L.  Rohlfs Rivera, MD


Medical Education    University of Medicine & Health Sciences of Saint Kitts


Premedical Education    University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez: B.S. in Industrial Microbiology


Hometown  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


Plans  Med-Peds Primary Care

Blair Stevens

Blair Stevens, MD


Medical Education Louisiana State University, Shreveport


Premedical Education   University of Louisiana at Lafayette: B.S.


Hometown  Denham Springs, LA


Plans    Undecided, possibly Hospitalist


Caitlin Sullivan

Caitlyn Sullivan, MD, MSc


Medical Education University of Queensland, Ochsner Clinical School 


Premedical Education    University of Western Ontario: Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Science- Pharmacology and Developmental Biology 


Hometown  Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada


Plans  Hematology and Oncology, Palliative Care



Why Our Residents Chose LSU New Orleans:

 "I had a wonderful experience with the residents and faculty during my interview, lunch and dinner, and the entire experience confirmed for me that this would be a fantastic place to train given the excellent teaching hospitals with dedicated attending physicians on both the Medicine and the Pediatrics side and the opportunity to see a broad spectrum of pathology in patients from a variety of backgrounds. It was a place I felt that I would be both encouraged and challenged to become an excellent physician by the academic community here (and have fun it the process!)."   -Elaine Duffee, MD 


"I chose to come to LSU-NO for residency because of the interactions I had on my interview day. It felt like home ,  and I connected well with everyone I met that day. New Orleans has a lot to offer both personally and professionally."    -Andrea Heifner, MD


" During my interview, all of the residents were so nice, and they only spoke highly of the entire program. I loved everyone I met and really loved the new UMC and changes coming soon to Children’s Hospital."     -Blair Stevens, MD


" I chose LSU-NOLA because this city is magical and I loved everything about the program and the amazing people in the Med- Peds department!!!"  - Christine Bruins, MD


" I love the LSU family! The faculty, residents, staff are always willing to teach and help!  I love spending time with my family here in New Orleans and attending Saints and LSU football games. I also enjoy eating  Procambarus clarkii  (crawfish)!"    -Tat Yau, MD


"I had a fantastic experience during my interview. Everyone was incredibly welcoming, passionate about patient care, and excited to be in the program, which said a lot. The "good vibes" aside, this program accesses a diverse patient population with training at several hospitals, creating exposure to different groups of individuals and healthcare systems. I am confident I will be well-prepared for whatever may come next."    -Victoria Silver, DO


"Vi lma made a great first impression coordinating everything for the interview! The interview process was unique in that we had an informal dinner at the home of one of the  residents  so I had a chance to talk to everyone and see that getting out to have fun might as well be part of the official curriculum. Other important factors for me were a stand-alone Children's Hospital and the opportunity to train at multiple facilities, each with some variation in patient population."   -David Lake, MD