Our Core Faculty | Family Medicine

FM_Faculty_Oge', Linda Linda Ogé, M.D.
Section Chief
Marilyn Marshall, M.D. Marilyn Marshall, M.D.
Program Director
FM_Faculty_Broussard, Alan Alan Broussard M.D., MT
Associate Program Director







All are Diplomates of the American Board of Family Medicine:  
    • Louis McCormick, M.D.
    • John Thibodeaux, M.D.
    • Richard Hines, M.D. 
    • Timothy Viator, M.D.
    • Jose Mata, M.D.  
    • Sudipta Roy, M.D. 

In addition to the above faculty, UHC has many faculty members in various medical and surgical specialties who work with our residents.


LGMC Faculty

Emergency Medicine
    • Foster Kordish III, M.D.
    • Rochelle Duplichin, M.D.
    • Christopher Lawrence, M.D.
    • Bobby Lee, M.D.
    • Nicholas Leonards, M.D.
    • Davis McManus, M.D.
    • Michael Peebles, M.D.

Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • Amanda Alleyn, M.D.
    • Frank Caillet, M.D.
    • Darryl Elias Jr, M.D.
    • Eric Elias, M.D.
    • Charles Padgett, M.D.
    • Jimmy Skrasek, M.D.

Pediatric Medicine
    • Brian Sibley, M.D.
    • Suzanne Foster, M.D.
    • Richard Howes, M.D.
    • Cecilia Nervez, M.D.
    • Catherine Broussard, M.D.
    • Jean-Carlos Torres, M.D.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    • Scott Hamilton, M.D.
    • Carolyn Green, M.D.