LSUHSC-NO Interventional Radiology Residency Program Mission Statement


The Interventional Radiology Residency Program has adapted the overall mission of the Louisiana State University Health Science Center-New Orleans School of Medicine which states: “Louisiana State University School of Medicine – New Orleans educates medical students, residents, and other learners in an environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity, and that reflects the diversity of its community.

The School of Medicine, striving for excellence in medical education, clinically relevant research, and healthcare delivery, partners with other Lousiana State University Health Science Center schools, local health care systems, and community organizations, to provide a strong and supportive environment for learners and their faculty.” Our mission as it pertains to the Interventional Radiology Residency Program is to provide a training experience for residents that provides a good balance between academic learning and procedural training.

We strive to provide high quality, safe and compassionate care in diagnostic and interventional services to patients, referring physicians, and our diverse community at large. We are committed to the standard set by the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR), which is to improve patient care through image-guided therapy and to optimize minimally invasive patient care.