What to expect during an Interventional Radiology procedure:

Minimally invasive procedures in Interventional Radiology are typically performed for outpatients (patients that come to the hospital for treatment and are sent home later that day) or patients who are already hospitalized.

Outpatients arrive at the hospital and go through a check-in process to ensure patient information is accurate including medications and allergies. Depending upon the procedure type, you will be given a gown to change into for the day. Certain procedures are best performed with local anesthesia and will not require an IV. Others may require sedation in which case an IV will be inserted.

A physician will discuss the procedure with you to make sure you are informed of risks and benefits, provide consent for the procedure, and understand the goals of care for the day. Although you will be treated by one physician, our team of physicians reviews every case so that all doctors can provide expertise for your case to give you the best care possible.

You will be accompanied to the procedure room by your nurse who will remain with you to provide a familiar face and administer medications.
Once the procedure is complete, you will be transferred to the recovery area. Patients who receive local anesthesia (numbing medication) will be discharged shortly after their procedure and those who receive sedation will be discharged after they are fully alert. If you receive sedation, a family member or friend will be required to take you home and someone should stay with you for the first night after your procedure.

Since these minimally invasive procedures typically produce minimal or no discomfort, pain medication after you go home is not usually required.