Grand Rounds 2023

"Prioritzing Mental Health and Well Being for Healthcare Professionals"-Scott Embley, LCSW, CEAP


"RISE: A Pathology Residency Proram Self-Assesment"-Ellen Connor, MD, PhD


"Resident Learning Styles and Opinions"-Shaun Lawicki, MBBS


"Autoimmune disorders of the liver and bile ducts", Zaid Khreefa, MD, PGY3 Resident


"AI tools in pathology" , Julia Rivera, MD, PGY1 Resident


"Origins of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System", Michael Webber, DO, Captain, USAF, MC, PGY2 Resident


 "Controversies in appendiceal pathology: mucinous and goblet cell neoplasms", Wenjing Qiu, MD, PhD, Chief Resident


Grand Rounds 2021-2022

"Emerging From the Pandemic: Current and Future Directions in COVID19 Pathology Research"-Sharon Fox, MD, PhD


"Faculty Development Update: Focus on Safety/QI, Practice-Based Learning, and Professionalism"-Shaun Lawicki, MBBS


"Stress Management and Wellnes"-Noelle Raymond, LCSW


"WHO 2021 Brain Tumor Classification (5th Edition, Released January 2022)"-Roy Rhodes, MD, PhD


"Unintentional Overdose Deaths in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana (2012-2021)"-Fernanda da Silva Lameira, MD (Chief Resident)


"Morphologic and Molecular Approach for diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma"-Wenjing Qiu, MD, PhD (Resident)


"Pox Virus Disease"-Gordon Love, MD


"Understanding the IRB"-Gabriela Bonvillain, CRA, Supervisor, Clinical Trials Office


"Integrative Diagnostics: Making the Pathologist an Indispensable Member of the Healthcare Team"-Michael Laposata, MD, PhD, 2022 Emma Sadler Moss Guest Lectureship


"Emerging from the Pandemic: Current and Future Directions in COVID-19 Pathology Research"-Sharon Fox, MD, PhD


"Live Tissue Microscopy"-Michael Webber, DO (Resident)


"Newly recognized entities and new aspects in classic entities of renal tumor"-Jihuan Chen, MD, PhD (Resident)


"A Review of Interesting and Challenging UMC Cytology Cases"-Jonathan Somma, MD


"MRI-Targeted Prostate Biopsy: Key Considerations for Pathologists"-Liz Yang, MD (Resident)


"Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Variants"-Zaid Khreefa, MD (Resident)


"ISUP 2019 Modifications to Prostate Cancer Grading"-Ritu Bhalla, MD


"The Many Faces of Angioimmunoblastic T Cell Lymphoma"-Elizabeth Rinker, MD


"Stress Management and Wellness for Medical Residents and Faculty"- Noelle Raymond, LCSW (CAP)


"Role of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (MDSCs) in COVID-19 Severity"-Luis Del Valle, MD


"The State of Digital Pathology and AI/Machine Learning"-Christopher Girardo, DO (Resident)


"Ethics of Transfusion Medicine"-Shaun Lawicki, MBBS


"Laboratory Workup of Lymphoma in Adults: Guideline From the American Society for Clinical Pathology, and the College of American Pathologists"-Rachna Jetly, MD


"Constructing an Institutional Model for Inclusive Excellence"-Timothy Fair, PhD, Vince Chancellor for Diveristy and Inclusion


"SARS CoV-2 Variant Nomenclature"-Gordon Love, MD


"Correlation of Pre-Operative Studies with Extraprostatic Extension of Prostatic Carcinoma in Radical Prostatectomy"-Nibras Fakhri, MD (Resident)


"COVID-19 Related Brain Microangiopathy and Acute Hypersensitivity Vasculitis"-Roy Rhodes, MD, PhD


"COVID-19, what now?"-Fernanda da Silva Lameira, MD (Resident)


“Dendritic Sarcoma, a Rare Malignancy and Challenges Associated with its Diagnosis: Case Presentation with Interesting Incidental Finding and Literature Review”-Hina Khokhar, MD (Resident)