Greetings from Baton Rouge, and welcome to the LSU-Baton Rouge Psychiatry residency program website!   Our program has set its sights on becoming a premier psychiatric residency training program, and we are well on our way. Our culture here is to always strive to better ourselves, the services we offer, and the quality of our department. Through our outstanding facilities and training opportunities, our dynamic faculty, and our prioritization of teaching over service, we are preparing our residents to become leaders in the field of Psychiatry.

Take a look at some of our accomplishments over the last year:

  • Our class size has increased to 8 residents per year
  • We have a newly accredited C&A fellowship-- first class is starting July 2023!  For more info,
  • 98% of our graduates since our inception have passed their boards
  • All of our graduates have been able to obtain fellowships in the area of their choice (CAP, forensic, community, CL) or had job placements at the time of graduation
  • We have obtained a transcranial magnetic stimulation machine
  • We have expanded our suicide-specific treatment program and our collaborative care program
  • We opened our medication assisted therapy clinic for opiate use disorder and with an $800,000 HRSA grant, are providing individual and group CBT services as well
  • We have developed a C&A consultation service for the new free standing OLOL Children's hospital
  • A psychology internship has been started and integrated into the program.
  • LSU Health Sciences Center’s Baton Rouge campus has continued to grow and expand

Other important strengths of our program include:

  • A focus on all of the resident experiences being educationally driven - We make a real effort to prioritize education over service. Our residents work hard and see lots of patients, but they are not here to meet the service needs of the hospital.  
  • Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, our main training site, is an academic medical center dedicated to medical education. They support the residencies located there with the resources required for excellence. The Mental and Behavioral health division has 69 licensed psychiatric beds, an intensive outpatient program, a large outpatient program, and a busy dedicated psychiatric emergency room. The patient population is a mix of private pay, indigent patients, and Medicaid/Medicare patients. Our psychiatric emergency room is seeing about 1000 patient presentations per month.  
  • We are part of the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in New Orleans, but located at the Baton Rouge branch campus. All of our residents are employees of LSU Health Sciences Center and enjoy the benefits of being a state employee. The Baton Rouge campus houses seperate program in Psychiatry, OBGYN, Internal Medicine, and Emergency Medicine. In addition, LSU residents from all campuses rotate through Our Lady of the Lake.
  • Greater Baton Rouge has a population of over 800,000 people. There is no other psychiatric residency program in town competing for access to the patient population.
  • Partnerships with our local community mental health provider (Capital Area Human Services District), the state prison (for a forensic experience), Baton Rouge General Medical Center (where residents are exposed to ECT), woman’s health provider (Woman’s Hospital) and local outreach services for the severely ill and homeless (Homeless shelters and an assertive community treatment team) allow for varied clinical experiences.
  • We boast a supportive, collegial atmosphere, approachable faculty, and really great residents.

I firmly believe that the best residency experience is one where there is a good fit between the resident and the program. You need to feel like the training program you choose will be a place where you can grow and develop an identity as a physician and psychiatrist. If you are looking for a place where education comes before service needs, where the curriculum focuses not only on molecules but on the role of human relationships, and where an individual approach to helping you meet your potential is stressed, then LSU-Baton Rouge Psychiatry might be the place for you!

Kathleen Crapanzano, MD, MACM
Program Director
LSU Psychiatry Residency Program-Baton Rouge






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