Residency and Fellowship Programs

Baton Rouge Psychiatry Residency Program

Grand Rounds Schedule for 2022-2023

Wednesdays, 12noon to 1pm via zoom at

All participants are placed in a waiting room initially. Please make sure that your name on the screen shows both your first and last name for attendance recording. For CME from open sessions, please contact Lakeysha Deloch at

December 14, 2022 Stephen Wright - Seersucker Strategies Updates in Legislature Zoom
January 4, 2022 Ray Tucker, PhD - LSU Department of Psychology Suicidality during the COVID-19 Pandemic Zoom
January 11, 2023 Daniel Price, MD - Maine Health Mentalizing and MBT Zoom
January 18, 2023 Paul Frick, PhD - LSU Causes, Tx, and Dx of Conduct Disorder Zoom
January 25, 2023 Edith Kwobah, MD AMPATH in Kenya Zoom
February 1, 2023 Daniel Morehead, MD - Author of "Science Over Stigma: Education and Advocacy in Mental Health" Advocacy in Psychiatry Zoom
February 8, 2023 Max Galvan, MD - UTMB Climate Change in Mental Health Zoom
February 15, 2023 Ebrahim Haroon, MD - Emory Psychoimmunology Zoom
March 1, 2023 Marjorie Person, MD Physician Burnout TBA
March 8, 2023 Anna Ratzliff, MD - U Wash Systems Based Practice Zoom
March 15, 2023 Justine Dembo, MD - University of Toronto Decision Making Capacity Zoom
March 22, 2023 Jennifer McMahon, MD - Yale Perinatal Psychiatry Zoom
March 29, 2023 Staci Gruber, MD - McLean/Harvard THC Zoom
April 5, 2023 Kelly Menier, MD SSRI discontinuation Zoom
April 12, 2023 S.A.M. - Smart Approaches to Marijuana Cannabis and Social Justice Zoom
April 19, 2023 Melissa Watson, MD - Program Faculty M&M Conference  
April 26, 2023 Jennifer Pham, MD Antipsychiatry  
May 3, 2023 Blake Bourgoyne, MD Internet's influence on Psychiatry  
May 10, 2023 Regan Fawcett, DO TBD  
May 17, 2023 Abby Shoenfelt, MD TBD  
May 24, 2023 Hillary Smith, MD Mental health in the black community  
May 31, 2023 Leah Dlugolecki, DO TBD  


2021-2022 Grand Rounds Presenters

Eating Disorders and Related Medical Complications in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults: Maryrose Baucshka, MD - Eating Recovery Center   

Psychological Evaluations for Bariatric Surgery: Matt Calamia, PhD - LSU Department of Psychology    

Risk Mitigation and De-Escalation in Suicide: Tony Thrasher, DO - Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division

Species-Spanning Developmental Changes: Barbara Horowitz, MD - International Society for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health

10 Ways the Evidence Changes Practice: David Osser, MD - Psychopharmacology Institute

Intimate Partner Homicide: Firearm Use in Domestic Violence: Rahn Bailey, MD - Chairman, LSUHSC Dept of Psychiatry

Psychiatry and Social Media: Christopher Marett, MD, MPH - University of Cincinnati 

Ketamine and Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD: Sanjay Mathew, MD - Baylor 

Innovations in Psychiatric Care for Eating Disorders: Anna O'Melia, MD - Eating Recovery Center

Depression after Traumatic Brain Injury: Durga Roy, MD - Johns Hopkins 

Opiate Use Disorder and Medication Assisted Treatment: Diana Robinson, MD - UTSW 

Psychopharmacology in Pregnancy and Lactation: Amber Parden, MD - Woman's Hospital of Baton Rouge

Neuropsychological Effects of Pediatric Cancer Treatment: Iris Paltin, PhD - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Psychedelics in Psychiatric Care: David Mathai, MD 

An Overview of Electroconvulsive Therapy: Past, Present, and Future Directions: B. Lochlann McGee, MD, LSU NO 

Psychedelic Research: Ray Worthy, MD - Private Practice & Research Psychiatrist

The Concept of Resilience: Danielle King, PhD - Rice University D

Special Topics in Geriatric Psychiatry: Laura Bodin Dunn, MD - Stanford Univ 

The History of the Psychiatrist as a Psychotherapist and Tips on Moving Towards Remote Psychotherapy: Anne Ruble, MD, MPH - Johns Hopkins 

Malpractice in Psychiatry: Kayla Fisher, MD, JD - UC Riverside

Deaths of Despair: Peter Sterling, PhD - U Penn 

Updates in Geriatric Psychiatry: Brent Forester, MD, MSc - Harvard

Knowledge and Skills to Address Medication Adherence Problems: Allan Tasman, MD - Univ of Louisville

Racism and Oppression in Resideny Training: Danielle Morelli, MD - UTSW

Drug Dealer, MD: Anna Lembke, MD - Stanford

Cannabis Use Disorder: Bernard LeFoil, MD - Univ of Toronto