Commitment to Psychotherapy

Our program has a commitment to training our residents to be able to practice psychotherapy and to value its contributions to mental health.  Some of the steps we have taken include

  • Our 2nd year residents have a year long psychotherapy clinic with cases primarily in need of supportive therapy. 
  • Our 3rd year residents receive two hours of individual psychotherapy supervision per week. 
  • We require 3rd year residents to do a minimum of 150 hours of psychotherapy in their third year and 75 hours in their fourth year.
  • All residents have a group therapy experience in their 3rd year
  • We have a process group for 3rd and 4th year residents that meets every other week.
  • Our didactic curriculum includes seminars in supportive therapy, CBT, psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy, and positive psychology. 
  • 4th year residents have the option to do a psychotherapy focus in their 4th years.