One half day per week throughout the four years will be dedicated to classroom education.  Formats such as lectures, discussion of assigned readings, case presentations, videos, skills practice, and live patient interviews will be employed.

Grand Rounds are held week on Wednesdays in the OLOL HVI Auditorium. These are a combination of formal presentation of new research, literature review of a topic, or an interesting case with review of the literature. The schedule is always available online here


Program Didactic overview


Integrated nosology and psychopharmacology, 33 sessions

·         Section 1: psychotic disorders

·         Section 2: affective disorders

·         Section 3: anxiety disorders

·         Section 4: substance use disorders

·         Section 5: Somatoform disorders

·         Section 6: personality disorders

·         Section 7: Neurocognitive disorders

Psychiatric Interviewing, 20 sessions

Introduction to psychiatric formulation, 10 sessions

Introduction to Social psychiatry, 5 sessions



Neuroscience, 13 sessions

Neuropsychiatry, 10 sessions

Cultural competency, 20 sessions

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 20 sessions

Supportive Psychotherapy, 10 sessions

Addiction psychiatry, 10 sessions

Intro to Supportive therapy, 8 sessions

Introduction to Psychodynamic therapy, 7 sessions

Introduction to CBT, 16 sessions

Recovery theory, 6 sessions



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 30 sessions

Psychodynamic therapy, 20 sessions

Biologic Psychiatry, 20 sessions

Existential therapy, 10 sessions

Ethics, 10 sessions

Academic writing course, 8 sessions

Women's health, 5 sessions

Transition to practice, 5 sessions

Series of psychotherapy workshops

Case conference, 10 sessions



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 20 sessions

Psychodynamic therapy, 20 sessions

Biologic Psychiatry, 20 sessions

History of Psychiatry, 5 sessions

Narrative medicine course, 20 sessions

Positive psychology, 10 sessions

Teaching and learning, 3 sessions

Positive psychology, 10 sessions

Transition to Practice, 5 sessions

Case Conference, 10 sessions


Combined PGY 1 through 4

Journal club, 10 sessions

Quality Improvement, 10 sessions

Wellness 10 sessions


LSU-OLOL Psychiatry Residency Program
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Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Ph: 225-757-4212