The LSU Internal Medicine Residency in Baton Rouge

The MIND Elective


Milestones and Idealism: New Discoveries in Medical Education


Curious as to how classes at Second City Improv in Chicago can enhance your communication skills as a physician? Do you wonder if time spent with NASA engineers at the Johnson Space Center can refine your approach to patient safety? Can attendance at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference and hiking the Appalachian Trail provide insights and strategies to mitigate risk and improve patient outcomes? Lastly, is there a connection between gaming and game theory to knowledge expansion and clinical performance?

The MIND elective will provide you an opportunity to explore these types of questions.

As a means to enhance your experience with the LSU Internal Medicine Residency in Baton Rouge, we have pioneered a novel rotation that encourages learners to examine topics and concepts not traditionally housed within the field of medicine. We believe endeavors such as these not only provide unique personal and professional opportunities for our residents, but also promote the development of cognitive frameworks rooted in creativity, exploration, and self-actualization. Using the ACGME Internal Medicine Milestones as a thematic foundation, The MIND elective asks residents to design a project to broaden their perspective as a learner and fortify their connection to the vocation of medicine. The project must be completed over a two-week period and include travel outside the state of Louisiana. Funding for travel and lodging is provided.

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