The LSU Internal Medicine Residency in Baton Rouge

LSU-OLOL Collaboration

LSU-OLOL Collaboration


In 2010 LSU, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, and the state of Louisiana recognized an opportunity to improve patient care and Graduate Medical Education (GME) in Baton Rouge.  A public-private partnership ensued whereby patient care efforts and LSU-sponsored GME programs were transferred to Our Lady of the Lake in the spring of 2013.  As a result, our residents are now trained in a state of the art medical center that is one of the largest hospitals in Louisiana.  Additional LSU training programs were either newly established or transitioned to OLOL as a part of this cooperative endeavor.  These included residencies in Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, ENT, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, and Dermatology.  Establishment of the LSU-OLOL partnership represented a historic and auspicious change to medical education and health care delivery in Louisiana.

In July of 2016, Our Lady of the Lake emerged on the national stage as a leader in Graduate Medical Education.  The hospital was one of eight institutions selected by the ACGME to be a Pathway Innovator in the Pursuing Excellence Initiative in Clinical Learning Environments.  This collaborative effort was designed to create and spread transformative improvements that would impact learners, physicians, and other health care professionals across all ACGME-accredited institutions.  The pathway leaders focused on the areas of patient safety, health care quality, and interprofessional learning.


The participating institutions in the Pursuing Excellence Initiative are:


• Cleveland Clinic Foundation

• University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine

• University of Chicago Medical Center

• Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

• Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C.

• Maine Medical Center

• Strong Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester

• The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

Participating Institutions

OLOL Pursuing Excellence Initiative