Residency and Fellowship Programs

Pediatrics Residency Program

LSU Pediatric Residency Interviews

The interview experience is an integral part of our application process, designed to provide you with an opportunity to see the workings of our enthusiastic program first-hand. We will organize your virtual visit in a way that allows you to spend time with a mixture of our residents and our faculty.

Virtual Interview Experience - What to Expect

Pre-Interview Virtual Social

All applicants are invited to attend a casual social event (via Zoom) on the night prior to the interview day. Hosted by some of our pediatric residents, this will give you a chance to meet and interact with our fun, friendly team. A typical favorite amongst many of our applicants, we hope that this laid-back event gives you a taste of our program!

The Virtual Interview Day

* Interview Platform = Zoom
* The interview day will last approximately 4.5 hours and will include multiple breaks for the applicants.
* Personalized Interview Agendas will be shared with applicants in advance of the interview day.