Unique Philosophy

Our program nurtures the development of critical thought in a manner that moves beyond the redundant acquisition and retention of information.  We emphasize the understanding of disease from a pathophysiologic point of view.  This facilitates the understanding of disease processes as entities with characteristics that are both solitary and universal in their origins and consequences.

Our program encourages the application of evidence based medicine to enhance critical thinking, to provide a forum for evaluation of current medical philosophy and practice, and to stimulate interest in the foundation of the art of medicine.

Our program provides a relaxed educational atmosphere, understanding that to promote the learning process there must be opportunity for humor, casual interactions, self-reflection, and constructive criticism.  We are candid in our expectations of our residents, which are reasonable and receptive to personal circumstances and characteristics.

Our program is centered around education in a hospital equiped with the full array of medical and surgical specialties.  Under the guidance of experienced and purpose driven faculty, housestaff are provided a comprehensive foundation in internal medicine and subspecialty care.  In addition, the availability of a diverse range of general medicine and subspecialty focused procedures are a unique feature of a program free of fellows directing subspecialty services.

Department of Internal Medicine
in Baton Rouge
Phone: (225) 757-4080
LSU Medical Education and Innovation Center
LSU Health Sciences Center Baton Rouge
5246 Brittany Drive
Baton Rouge 70808