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Lafayette Internal Medicine Residency Program


IM_Faculty_Curry, Karen

Dear Prospective Resident:

Thank you for your interest in the LSU Lafayette Internal Medicine Residency. We are certain your interest will grow as you learn more about our program.

Our system is one of graded responsibility and independence. We are mindful of our resident's work and personal life demands.

We have 32 Internal Medicine residents who train in two distinct hospitals. Ochsner University Hospital and Clinic's campus is the primary site of training during your first year of training.  It houses a robust continuity clinic where you will follow patients over the course of your training. We also have a busy inpatient service at this hospital.  It provides care to a diverse population including the indigent. Morning report and didactic conferences are held every weekday on this campus.  Medical students from LSU- New Orleans are integrated into our inpatient and outpatient clinic services.

Ochsner Lafayette General, our second campus, offers training in a state of the art intensive care unit, houses the busiest emergency room in Acadiana, and an advanced certified primary stroke center. Rotations in hospital medicine, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine are just a few of the other elective rotations offered here.

Our faculty are highly dedicated to the success of our residents. Over the past several years, we have updated and reviewed our core lecture series with a comprehensive review of Internal Medicine and strengthened our board review process with measured success. Our graduates are prepared to pursue careers as primary care practitioners, sub-specialists, or can continue careers in academic medicine.

Again, thank you for your interest.

Karen G Curry, MD
Section Chief, Department of Internal Medicine



IM_Faculty_Curry, Karen

Dear Applicant:

Our program is optimally located in the heart of Acadiana in the “Hub City” of Lafayette.  This region of Louisiana is known for its melting pot of Cajun and Creole culture with fantastic food, festivals, and celebration of the Joie de vivre.  Lafayette as well is a “college town” with the University of Louisiana drawing a multitude of individuals from around the world to study and research.  Against this backdrop, flows a diverse patient population with varied pathology from common to rare.

Our residents train at two complimentary sites.  Ochsner University Hospital and Clinics is our anchor site where the majority of training is performed.  It is a safety net hospital and as such draws patients from a multitude of walks of life.  Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital is our sister site.  There, residents complete ICU training as well as various electives in a private hospital environment which compliments and rounds out a resident's education.

The structure of our program is unique.  We utilize a 3+1 block schedule whereby residents rotate on a specific service for three weeks followed by a week of being in clinic.  This allows residents to concentrate on each rotation without being pulled away for outpatient clinics.  We have students from LSU in New Orleans as well as other medical schools that rotate and allow opportunities for residents to teach.  We also have opportunities for research and scholarly activity with many residents creating case reports, posters at regional and national conferences, as well as QI/PI projects.

In closing, I appreciate your interest in the LSU Lafayette Internal Medicine Residency Program.  I hope you have found the information on our website helpful and wish you well on your journey to secure a residency position.



Daniel Stout, MD
Internal Medicine Residency Program Director
Board Certified in Internal Medicine
Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism



Our Core Faculty | Internal Medicine

Karen Curry, M.D.
Section Chief
Stout Daniel Stout, M.D.
Program Director
Benoit Clark
 Tina Benoit-Clark, M.D.
Associate Program Director
Khan  Farha Khan, M.D.
Associate Program Director
2021%201:27:45%20PM  Gregory Ardoin, M.D.
Internal Medicine
2021%204:29:30%20PM   Melanie, Bienvenu, M.D., MPH
 Shantell Ford, M.D.
Internal Medicine
2022%204:34:22%20PM  Ashwin Narayana, M.D., MPH
Internal Medicine
Jay Jaikishen, M.D., FACP
Internal Medicine
2021%2011:38:58%20AM S. Patrick Walker, D.O.
Internal Medicine
Wexler Christopher Wexler, M.D.
Infectious Disease



Subspecialists | Internal Medicine 


Cardiolog                                                         Allergy/Immunology

John Edavettal, M.D.                                            Erin Pratt, M.D

Caroline Zahm, M.D.                                                     Cardiology 

Dermatology                                                        Agostion Ingraldi, M.D.

Daniel Dupree, M.D.                                             Ankur Lohda, M.D.

Tyson Meaux, M.D.                                               Amit Amin, M.D.

Emergency Medicine                                          Louis Salvaggio, M.D.

Julio Rodriguez, M.D.                                           Marc Saad, M.D.   

Endocrinolog                                                  Lucien Abboud, M.D.

Daniel Stout, M.D.                                                Riaz Rahman, M.D.        

Gastroenterology                                               David Tadin, M.D.

Melanie Bienvenu,M.D.,MPH                               Hospitalist                         

Geriatrics                                                            Jay Patel, M.D.  

Susila Shanmuganathan, M.D.                            Neurology  

Hematology/Oncology                                       Adam Foreman, M.D.

Sudhir Aggarwal, M.D                                             Damon Patterson, M.D                              

Infectious Disease                                                  Tiffany Liu, M.D.      

Christopher Wexler, M.D                               Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Nephrology                                                        Stephen Rees, M.D                          

Melisa Harrington, M.D.                                      Pulmonary/Critical Care                               

Neurology                                                          Brad Broussard, M.D. 

Tiffany Liu, M.D.                                                 G. Gary Guidry, M.D.

Rheumatology                                                  Jody Rosson, M.D.                           

Dwayne Brown, M.D.                                         Timothy Keys, M.D.

                                                                           Matthew Dauterive, M.D.

                                                                           Michael Fashho, M.D.