Residency and Fellowship Programs

Bogalusa Rural Family Medicine Residency Program

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    Ambulatory Procedures    ER/Hospital/ICU  
    Incision and Drainage   Paracentesis
    Suturing   Thoracentesis
    Biopsies (shave, core, excisional, punch)   Lumbar Puncture
    Joint Injections (knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle)   Ventilator Management
    Field and Digital Blocks   Arterial Lines and Central Lines
    Carpel Tunnel Injections   Rapid Sequence Intubation
    Piriformis Injection   POCUS--Pulmonary, Vascular, Basic Cardiac, Abd., FAST
    Trigger Point Injections   Needle Decompression
    Major Joint Aspirations   Chest Tube Placement
    Pap Smear   OB/GYN  
        Endometrial Biopsy   Basic Obstetric Ultrasound 
    Nail removal   Perineal Laceration Repair
    Foreign Body Removal   C-Section
    Dermatologic Cryotherapy   Vaginal Deliveries
    POCUS--MSK, Vascular, Obstetric   Endometrial Biopsy
    Pediatrics     Scalp Electrode Placement
    Circumcisions   Bartholin's Cyst Drainage
    Neonatal Intubation   LARC Placement (intrauterine and intradermal)
    Neonatal Line Placement    
    Newborn Resuscitation   Endoscopy  
    Umbilical Catheter Placement   High Fidelity Endoscopic Simulation
        EGD with Biopsy
        Colonoscopy with and without Polypectomy