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4th Year Student Rotations 

We encourage 4th year students to rotate with us on one or more of our available sub-internships. This affords learners the opportunity to experience our unique approach to medical education on a first-hand basis.

The goal of this rotation for senior students is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes commensurate with those of a first year house officer in Family Medicine. The students will develop an understanding of Family Medicine through the consistent application of the principles of Family Medicine and the
development of sound clinical judgment and skills by accepting the primary responsibility for the care of patients admitted to the Family Medicine inpatient team. This is done under the close supervision and direction of a senior resident and faculty.



A student in good standing at any AAMC approved medical school, including Canadian schools, may be accepted for a sub-internship or elective rotation. To be eligible, the student must have had training equivalent to that of LSU students who have completed the third-year clinical clerkships: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, and Neurology (if part of your third year curriculum).

Visiting students may be accepted for no more than two rotations (8 total weeks). LSU will give no credit to visiting students. An evaluation of the student's performance will be forwarded to the student's medical school on complet­ion of the rotation. Unless otherwise requested, the evaluation will be the same as that used by the department at LSU and will indicate a recommended grade of Honors, High-Pass, Pass, or Fail.

All students accepted are required to have professional liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000/$3,000,000.  If this is not provided by the student's medical school, a supplemental policy must be obtained and proof of coverage is required before beginning the elective.



If you are interested in rotating with the LSU Rural Family Medicine Residency Program, please contact the program coordinator:

Susan Pieno at spieno@lsuhsc.edu

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