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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the child neurology rotation look like?

We found our residents prefer to do their adult rotations in one year. Your call will always be at CHNOLA, even in your adult neurology year, to help integrate  your child neurology experiences throughout your residency. 

Child Neurology Curriculum


What is the call schedule?

During your three years as a child neurology resident you are required to take home call of one weekday of call per week and one weekend of call per month. You are not required to take call during the day while you are inpatient as the attendings take both day and night call at all other times.


What is the holiday schedule?

You are required to work one minor holiday per year and one major holidayper year with child neurology attendings.

  • Minor Holidays Include:
    • Independence Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Mardi Gras weekend, Mardi Gras, Good Friday
  • Major holidays Include:
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
    • New Years

LSUHSC Holiday Schedule


How many residents per year?

We only take one resident per year, but that is of huge benefit to our residents! They get one on one training with our attendings and experience autonomy which prepares them for life after residency


What research opportunities are available?

  • You are required to do one QI project a year. This is presented at the LSU QI Forum and you are also required to present at the Southern Pediatric Neurology Society each year.
  • Our attendings are working on case reports, publications and clinical trials and our residents have the opportunity to participate in these as well.


Do you receive book money?

You receive $500 in book money per year


Can you attend conferences?

We highly encourage our residents to attend conferences when available. Our residents typically through their three years of residency will attend some of the following including AAN, CNS, AHS, Penry, and others. In addition, if they are accepted to present their research then they are able to go to those conferences paid as well

Is there a meal stipend?

You will get 1-2 meal cards each month that is valued at $50


Is parking available?

  • Parking at Children's Hospital is free in the parking garage.
  • Parking at UMC and West Jefferson is free.