During your time as a fellow, you will have the opportunity to provide lectures, clinical oversight and procedural supervision to our Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residents, in addition to medical students, nurse practitioner students and PA students, all of which train at our Sponsoring Institution. These opportunities will give the selected fellows carried experiences at systems based practice, communication, professionalism and PBLI. Enhancing these competencies as a fellow will strengthen your ability as an educator and as a viable member of the healthcare team. 
As part of the Sports Medicine Fellowship, you will gain experience in the following areas: 

  • Conduct pre-participation physical evaluations of athletes
  • Conduct procedures relevant to the practice of sports medicine including:
  •  Assist with, observe, and perform outpatient non-operative interventional procedures, and  inpatient and outpatient operative musculoskeletal procedures clinically relevant to the practice of sports medicine
  • Gain sports medicine clinic experience:
  • Provide sports medicine clinic patients with continuing comprehensive care and provide consultation for health problems related to sports and exercise
  • Spend at least one day per week for 10 months in a single sports medicine clinic providing care to patients
  • If a fellow’s sports medicine clinic patients are hospitalized, the fellow must either follow them during their inpatient stay and resume outpatient care following hospitalization, or remain in active communication with the inpatient care team
  • Provide on-site sports care including:
  • Plan and implement all aspects of medical care at various sporting events and participate in providing comprehensive and continuing care to sports teams across seasons
  • Gain clinical experience that provides exposure to, and facilitates skill development in, the appropriate recognition, on-field management, and medical transportation of sports medicine urgencies and emergencies
  • Participate in mass-participation events:
  • Plan and implement all aspects of medical care for at least one mass-participation sports event
  • Provide medical consultation, direct care-planning, event planning, protection of participants, and coordination with local EMS systems
  • Gain experience working in a community sports medicine network involving parents, coaches, athletic trainers, allied health personnel, residents, and physicians



The following is a list of the required rotations available for the Sports Medicine Fellowship:


Sports Medicine/Mass Participation/On Site Medical Coverage Longitudinal 10 Months

Continuity Clinic Longitudinal 10 Months

Orthopedic Longitudinal Longitudinal 10 Months

Pediatric Orthopedics 1 Month

Orthopedic Subspecialty 4 Months

PMR 1 Month

Physical Therapy 2 Weeks

Radiology 6 Weeks

Cardiology 4 Weeks

Research/Scholarly Activity 4 Weeks

Elective 1 Month

Vacation 1 Month

CME 5 Days

Didactics Longitudinal 10 Months