The LSU Family Medicine Residency Program in Kenner is a community-based, university-administered, fully accredited 6/6/6 program. Residents are assigned to 32 required rotations, 3 elective rotations, and one procedure elective rotation. Rotations are located in OMC-K (the primary teaching hospital), UMC New Orleans (, Children's Hospital, Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center in Houma, and the Southeast LouisianaVeterans Health Care System (VA hospital).

During each rotation, residents are assigned to the Family Practice Clinic (FPC) at OMC-K, where they see their continuity-of-care patients. PGY-1 resident spend one to two half days per week in the FPC. PGY-2s spend two to three half-days, and PGY-3s spend three to four half-days in the FPC. During certain months, PGY-1s and/or PGY-2s take in-house call. PGY-3s call is taken from home.

For more information, please call Beth Sutton, Program Coordinator, at 504-471-2757 or e-mail her at

Block Rotations: PGY-1

Adult Medicine 3 months
Emergency Medicine 1 month
General Surgery 1 month
Gynecology 1 month
Neurology 1 month
NICU 1 month
Night Float 1 month
Otorhinolaryngology 1 month
Pediatrics 2 months

Block Rotations: PGY-2

Adult Medicine 2 months
Behavioral Medicine/Geriatrics 1 month
Community-Oriented Primary Care 1 month
Emergency Medicine 1 month
General Surgery 1 month
ICU 1 month
Night Float 1 month
Obstetrics 1 month
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 1 month
Orthopedics 1 month
Pediatrics Emergency Medicine 1 month

Block Rotations: PGY-3

Adult Medicine 2 months
Cardiology 1 month
Dermatology 1 month
Electives 2 months
Procedure Elective 1 month
Obstetrics 1 month
Ophthalmology/Urology 1 month
Orthopedics/Sports Medicine 1 month
Pediatrics 1 month
Practice Management 1 month

Longitudinal Experiences over Three Years of Training

  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Practice Management
  • Office Procedures
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics
  • Research and Scholarly Activities
  • Community-Oriented Primary Care
  • Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
  • Geriatrics
  • Nutrition (PGY-2 & 3)
  • Quality Improvement/Patient Safety