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Current Residents

Our program draws residents from many places and backgrounds. Feel free to contact any of our residents with questions. The Med/Peds Chiefs are two fourth-year residents selected by the Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics who work closely with the chief residents of each department as the resident-administration liaisons. Responsibilities include making rotation schedules, recruiting new residents, and organizing didactics.


Class of 2018


2014 8:30:48 PM

Shannon Palombo, MD (Chief)

Medical Education  LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine

Premedical Education Tulane University, Cell and Molecular Biology

Hometown Baton Rouge,

Plans: LA Outpatient Care, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, Transitional Navigation

Why LSU: I chose New Orleans because it is close to my family's home and we LOVE New Orleans. I also plan to practice here after residency with the hope to contribute to the changes in our health care system that have taken place since Hurricane Katrina. In particular, I hope to establish new processes for our pediatric patients in need of transition services to adult care systems

Why New Orleans: Professional Sports, Concerts, Culture, Food, Family environment

2014 8:31:27 PM


Elizabeth Smith, MD (Chief)

Medical Education Louisiana State University New Orleans

Premedical Education  Louisiana State University, Nutritional Sciences BS

Hometown: Lafayette, LA

Plans: Allergy/ Immunology Fellowship




Class of 2018


Erika Anson, MD

Medical Education  St. George's University

Premedical Education  Michigan State University, Human Biology

Hometown: Dunkirk, NY (near Buffalo)

Plans: Combined Pulmonary Fellowship and/or Global Health/ Doctors without Borders

Why LSU: I chose to come to LSU for residency because I was looking for a city with good pathology, good training on both medicine and pediatric sides and friendly coresidents!

2014 8:27:05 PM

Rahul Kamat, MD

Medical Education  St. George's University

Premedical Education Penn State University, BA-Sociology and BS-Life Sciences

Hometown Chicago, IL

Plans Critical Care

2014 8:27:45 PM

Thomas Kazecki, MD

Medical Education Ross University; Central Michigan University Medicine Clinicals

Premedical Education Northern Illinois BS Molecular Biology, Minor Biochemistry; University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign, Molecular and Cellular Biology Post-Grad

Hometown Chicago, IL

Post Residency Hospitalist, Academic Medicine, Research

Why LSU: Great balance of independence-supervision, comfortable learning environment, broad spectrum of pathology and vast opportunities after residency. 

Why New Orleans: Always wanted to move down south and experience southern living. The  city is exciting. NOLA has great culture, history and food. Fav food: Pho No Viet !

2014 8:28:13 PM

Maerin Lasky, DO

Medical Education  Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Premedical Education Louisiana State University, Biological Sciences

Hometown  Houma, LA

Plans  NICU Fellowship





Class of 2019

2014 8:21:10 PM

Mayuri Garikepati, MD

Medical Education Ben-Gurion University

Premedical Education University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Plans: Allergy Immunology Fellowship or Med/Peds Primary care

2014 8:27:05 PM

Mary Catherine Gaston, MD

Medical Education Louisiana State University SOM: Shreveport, LA

Premedical Education University of Pennsylvania, BA- Philosophy, Politics, and Economic, Minor- Fine Arts

Hometown Baton Rouge, LA

Plans Primary Academic Med/Peds, Palliative Care, or Combined Med/Peds Fellowships.

2014 8:27:45 PM

Elizabeth Holzer, MD

Medical Education Louisiana State University New Orleans

Premedical Education Louisiana State University BS- Chemistry

Hometown New Orleans, LA

Post Residency Inpatient/Outpatient Med/Peds, Hospitalist, Academic Medicine

2014 8:28:13 PM

Nicole Howerton, DO

Medical Education  University of North Texas Health Science Center

Premedical Education University of Texas - Austin- BA Theatre and Dance

Hometown  Tulsa, OK

Plans  Med/Peds Hospitalist


2014 8:31:27 PM

Lucas Puttock, DO

Medical Education Western University, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Premedical Education  University of California San Diego- BS Human Biology

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Plans: Med/Peds Primary Care, Inpatient/Outpatient Med/Peds in an Academic Setting, Transitional Care, Special Needs Care


Class of 2020


Jasmine Gaines, MD

Medical Education: Wayne State University

Premedical Education: The University of Alabama at Birmingham, B.S., Biology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Ph.D., Cellular/Molecular Biology

Hometown  Butler, AL

Plans:  Primary Care, Inpatient/Outpatient Med-Peds, Rural Medicine


Ryley McPeters, MD

Medical Education  Ross University

Premedical Education Dickinson State University, BS-Biology; Colorado State University, MS-Toxicology

Hometown  Upton, WY (Best Town on Earth)

Plans  Med/Peds Hospitalist, Combined Med/Peds fellowships



Daniel Robbins, MD

Medical Education  University of Mississippi

Premedical Education B.A. Psychology and Biochemistry, University of Mississippi

Hometown  Pontotoc, MS

Plans  General Medicine-Pediatrics


MP Andrea HeifnerNew

Andrea Heifner, MD

Medical Education  University of Kentucky- BS Biology

Premedical Education University of Florida

Hometown Kissimmee, FL

Plans Med-Peds Hospitalist

Why LSU: I chose to come to LSU-NO for residency because of the interactions I had on my interview day. It felt like home and I connected well with everyone I met that day. New Orleans has a lot to offer both personally and professionally.

mock_brittany photo

Brittany Mock, DO

Medical Education  Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Premedical Education  University of West Florida- BS, Pre-Professional Biology

Hometown Pensacola, FL  

Plans Inpatient and Outpatient Med/Peds in Academic Setting

MP Corey Gregg(New

Corey Gregg, MD

Medical Education University of Miami

Premedical Education University of Florida

Hometown  Cooper City, Florida

Plans  Med-Peds Hospitalist, Global Health


Class of 2021



Bradley Hyman, MD

Medical Education  Nova southeastern

Premedical Education  University of Florida. Major biology and minor  business

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Plans: Hospitalist

Why LSU:I loved the interview day and the people in the program. I did an away rotation here and loved working the attendings and residents

Why New Orleans: Where do I begin? Food, music, there's always a festival and something to do


David Lake, MD

Medical Education  University of South Carolina - Columbia

Premedical Education The Citadel B.S, Biology 

Hometown  St. Matthews, SC

Plans  Pediatric Critical Care, or hospitalist, or whatever I discover is even more interesting over the next few years.

Why LSU:  Vilma made a great first impression coordinating everything for the interview! The interview process was unique in that we had an informal dinner at the home of one of the residents so I had a chance to talk to everyone and see that getting out to have fun might as well be part of the official curriculum. Other important factors for me were a stand-alone Children's Hospital and the opportunity to train at multiple facilities, each with some variation in patient population.

Why New Orleans: My wife and I wanted to move to a large city but stay in The South where we grew up (because we're allergic to winter). Friends and family love visiting for all the usual French Quarter reasons, but we are mostly enjoying discovering all the other great culture New Orleans has to offer (music, art, cuisine, you name it!). Most of all, our two young kids can be entertained rain or shine for relatively cheap at parks, museums, the zoo, the aquarium, or even the insectarium!


Elaine Duffey, MD

Medical Education  University of South Alabama

Premedical Education Birmingham-Southern College

Hometown  Birmingham, AL

Plans Undecided (I like it all)

Why LSU:  I had a wonderful experience with the residents and faculty during my interview, lunch and dinner, and the entire experience confirmed for me that this would be a fantastic place to train given the excellent teaching hospitals with dedicated attending physicians on both the Medicine and the Pediatrics side and the opportunity to see a broad spectrum of pathology in patients from a variety of backgrounds. In summary, it was a place I felt that I would be both encouraged and challenged to become an excellent physician by the academic community here (and have fun it the process!).

Why New Orleans: It's hard to not enjoy life here. Between the food, music, festivals and other cultural events, there's an emphasis on enjoying the present which is important during the longevity of medical training.  


Tat Yau, MD

Medical Education  LSUHSC

Premedical Education Loyola University New Orleans. BS Biology

Hometown Hong Kong

Plans Primary Care

Why LSU: I love the LSU family! The faculty, residents, staff are always willing to teach and help!

Why New Orleans: I love spending time with my family here in New Orleans and attending Saints and LSU football games. I also enjoy eating Procambarus clarkii (crawfish) !


Victoria Silver, MD

Medical Education  Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Premedical Education  Colorado College, BA in Philosophy

Hometown Northbrook, IL

Post Residency  Unsure, but definitely want to incorporate Integrative Medicine into my career, whether in a multi-disciplinary clinic, a specialist outpatient or inpatient setting.

Why LSU  I had a fantastic experience during my interview. Everyone was incredibly welcoming, passionate about patient care, and excited to be in the program, which said a lot. The "good vibes" aside, this program accesses a diverse patient population with training at several hospitals, creating exposure to different groups of individuals and healthcare systems. I am confident I will be well-prepared for whatever may come next. 

Why New Orleans Having spent my childhood in the midwest and my adult life thus far in Colorado, residency came with an exciting opportunity to try something new! The city is vibrant and there is so much to do and experience, I'm already convinced that there is no place like it! Music, food, culture, beautiful parks and so many unique, fun-loving people! I'm so far having an amazing time living here and know the next several years will truly be an adventure! 


Janet Smith, MD

Medical Education Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Premedical Education North Carolina State University  Microbiology with Genetics minor

Hometown Hickory, NC   

Plans  Undecided but possibly infectious disease

Why LSU:  I love the college sports and school spirit!

Why New Orleans: I love the food, festivals, and fun!