How to Apply for ESIR

LSUHSC Diagnostic Radiology offers two Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology spots annually for residents wishing to pursue further training in interventional radiology.

The purpose of the ESIR designation is to standardize the Interventional Radiology (IR) training of DR residents who identify a desire to specialize in IR.  It provides the Independent IR residency program director assurance that the entering resident’s prior experiences are adequate to fulfill one year of IR training.  These residents may enter a 1 year IR fellowship via the NRMP independent residency Match.

The curriculum includes 12 IR or IR-related rotations (including an ICU rotation) during PGY2-5 with documentation of at least 500 IR or IR-related procedures.    Residents will train in conjunction with IR residents of their year and the year above at UMCNO, a Level 1 Trauma Center that serves as an inner city and referral center.


Application Requirements

  • Application Form (Click Here)
  • Updated CV
  • Cover Letter that includes the following:
  • Personal statement
  • List of accomplishments applicable to ESIR
  • Career Plans
  • Motivation or influences for ESIR Training
  • Goals you want to achieve as a candidate for IR fellowship and how you plan to achieve these goals


Application Approval Process

Applications will be reviewed by the interventional radiology program director and interviews will be conducted by the program director and members of the educational committee during block 11 of the Radiology-2 year. Applicants will be assessed based on their interest in interventional radiology, skills developed through procedure related and IR rotations, academic experience(Radexams, faculty evaluations) and character. The process will be conducted in accordance with LSUHSC Radiology and Graduate Medical Education regulations and will not discriminate based on race, ethnic origin, handicap, sex or age as required by law. The interviewers will produce an objective, numerical score based on these attributes and they will also provide a written statement of their personal assessment. The interviewers will then make a recommendation to the Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology program directors who will select the ESIR candidate by the end of block 11 of the Radiology-2 year.

One ESIR resident will be selected each year from the Radiology-2 class. A description of the ESIR application and selection process will be published in the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Handbook.


Please submit all applications to Alisha Richardson, the IR Program Coordinator, at .

For more information refer to the Diagnostic Radiology Handbook or contact Alisha Richardson at 504-568-2008 or via email