Class of 2025 - LSU Pediatric Interns


Stephanie Abazie, M.D.

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
College: Baylor University 
Medical School:UTMB John Sealy School Medicine
Career Plans: General Pediatrics & Global Health, but we will see where the Wind blows!
Favorite Disney Character: Definitely Simba, King of the jungle!

Alexis B
Alexis Brantley, M.D.

Hometown: Jackson, MS
College: Southern Methodist University 
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center
Career Plans: We'll find out together
Favorite Disney Character: Maximus (the horse from Tangled)

Sarah Brewington, M.D.

Hometown:  Missoula, MT
College: College of William and Mary
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School
Career Plans: Outpatient General Pediatrics
Favorite Disney Character: Three-way tie between Mushu from Mulan, Maximus from Tangled, and Sven from Frozen. I love a sidekick! 

Andrew H 2
Andrew Harold, D.O.

Hometown: Kansas City, MO
College: University of Missouri - Kansas City
Medical School: Kansas City University 
Career Plans:Pediatric Neurology
Favorite Disney Character: Olaf (from Frozen) - I mean look at him <3 

Shivani Patel, D.O.

Hometown: Memphis, TN
College: University of Tennessee
Medical School: Philadelphia College
Career Plans: Exploring my options but thinking about Neonatology
Favorite Disney Character: Hard tie between Belle, Megara, and Nala 

Anne Reed, M.D.

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
College: LSU
Medical School: LSU New Orleans
Career Plans: Leaning towards a subspecialty but stay tuned!
Favorite Disney Character: Ray from Princess and the Frog

Hope Retif, M.D.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
College: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: LSU New Orleans
Career Plans: General Pediatrics 
Favorite Disney Character: Belle from Beauty and the Beast 

Madeleine Robert Stansberry, M.D.

Hometown: New Orleans, LA
College: Emory University 
Medical School: LSU New Orleans
Career Plans: Undecided but likely fellowship!
Favorite Disney Character: Dory

Alanna S
Alanna Sam, M.D.

Hometown: New Iberia, LA
College: Xavier University of Louisiana
Medical School: University of Missouri - Columbia
Career Plans: Outpatient Pediatrics
Favorite Disney Character: Olaf

Caroline Self, M.D.

Hometown: Lake Charles, LA
College: McNeese State University
Medical School: LSU New Orleans
Career Plans: Most likely neonatology! 
Favorite Disney Character: Elsa  

Maddy S
Madeline Shannon, M.D.

Hometown: Mandeville, LA
College: LSU
Medical School: LSU New Orleans
Career Plans: Undecided!
Favorite Disney Character: Mike Wazowski  

Nick T
Nicholas Tadros, D.O.

Hometown:  New Orleans, LA
College: Roanoke College 
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Virginia
Career Plans:  pediatric hospitalist
 Favorite Disney Character:  Hercules



Morgan V
Morgan Viviano, M.D.

Hometown: San DIego, CA
College: UC Berkeley
Medical School: University of Queensland/ Ochsner Clinical School
Career Plans: Possibly Heme/Onc 
Favorite Disney Character: Stitch 

Kathryn W
Kathryn Wiggins, M.D.

Hometown: Natchitoches, LA
College: University of Louisiana - Monroe
Medical School: LSU Shreveport
Career Plans: Outpatient Pediatrics
Favorite Disney Character: Ariel

Snehaja Y
Snehaja Yadlapati, M.D.

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
College: Emory
Medical School: LSU New Orleans
Career Plans: Undecided 
Favorite Disney Character: Edna from the Incredibles