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In pursuit of academic excellence and scholarly activity, our residency program requires each resident to initiate a research project with the goal of completion of the research and publication of the results.  The resident is allowed to select the research topic based on his/her particular area of interest. Each resident will have a faculty advisor to assist them in their project. Residents also have patient safety/quality improvement projects which continue throughout their training.

Current Research Projects Include:

Demographics of Women Delivering with No Prenatal Care or Inadequate Prenatal Care and Neonatal Outcomes

Complex Hyperplasia with Atypia found on Endometrial Biopsy: Is Preoperative Dilation and Curettage a Necessary Step Prior to Hysterectomy to Decrease the Risk of Unrecognized Adenocarcinoma?

The Association Between Intrauterine Pressure Catheters and Chorioamniontis in Obese Women

Endometrial Hyperplasia Risk Factor Stratification on Endomentrial Biopsy Recipients

Post-Operative Wound Complication Following Use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Obese Women Following Cesarean Delivery


Recent Publications

A Comparison of Rapid Immunoassays for the Detection of Ruptured Membranes, BMC Pregrnacy and Childbirth,  December 2017 - PMID # 28446135.

Dr. Irogue Igbinosa and Dr. F.A. Moore, III.

Postmenopausal Genital Tract Tuberculosis, Contemporary OB/GYN, March 2014

Dr. Tammy Dupuy and Dr. F.A. Moore, III

West Nile Virus in an HIV + Pregnant Woman: A Case Report, Journal of Louisiana State Medical Society, December 2017

Dr. Karli Boggs