Crystal 2017

Moore and residents

Dr Moore Lin


Class of 2022

Class of 2022 white coats 3

Victoria Bone - American University of the Caribbean SOM
Roumta Odisho - LSUSOM New Orleans
Taylor Cook - William Carey University COM
Gabrielle Alexander - University of Mississippi SOM


Class of 2021


Felicia LeMoine - LSUSOM New Orleans
Emily Tompkins - LSUSOM New Orleans
Kaitlin McGrail - University of Arkansas COM
Marylynn Nguyen - LSUSOM New Orleans


Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Jaimee Castillo-Quek -  University of Florida COM Jacksonville
Diana Badkoobeh - LSUSOM Shreveport
Stephen Padgett - LSUSOM New Orleans
Crystal Nhieu - Florida International University COM


Class of 2019

SheenaDina White Coats

Sheena Kaiser - LSUSOM New Orleans
Dina Epstein - University of Arkansas COM

Class of 2018

Class of 2018

Julie Lagarde- LSUSOM New Orleans
Kelly McCune- St. George's University SOM
Megan Borens- LSUSOM New Orleans
Samantha Bland - LSUSOM New Orleans


Class of 2017

 Class of 2017


Karli Boggs- LSUSOM New Orleans
Diana Dietrich- LSUSOM New Olreans
Katie McKinney- St. George's University SOM
Patrick Tassin- Ross University