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Administration Basic Sciences Clinical Sciences Centers of Excellence


Program Benefits

Membership in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG)

Free parking and meals

Secure/private call rooms

Internet access and e-mail accounts


Monogrammed lab coats

On site continuity clinics

PROLOG study guides

Access to full-text journals and textbooks through the Woman's Hospital Library and on-line through the LSUHSC John P. Isché Library

Obstetric and Gynecology textbooks

Discounted tuition for Writtten Board Review

 Health Insurance: 

       House officers are eligible to enroll in the state employees health insurance or state managed health care options (HMO).

Disability Insurance:

       The Graduate Medical Education Office provides long-term basic disability insurance.

Malpractice Insurance:

       The state of Louisiana provides professional liability coverage prusuant to LSA-R.S. 40:1299-39 et. seq. to House Officers when acting within the scope of their training or staff appointments.


Program Policies

Leave Policy:

       Each type of leave will be monitored and granted in accordance with this policy, the needs of the program, and the provisions of applicable law..

Vacation Leave:

       Vacation leave must be taken.  No carry forward or accumulation of unused vacation leave is permitted at the end of the academic year. Any unused vacation leave will be forfeited.  HO I is entitled to 21 days per year and  HO II's, III's, and IV's are entitled to 28 days a year.

Military Leave:

       If called to active duty, House Officers are permitted fifteen (15) days of paid military leave.

Leave of Absence:

       A leave of absence may be granted subject to program director and department chairman approval and as may be required by applicable law for illness extending beyond available sick leave, for academic remediation; and/or family or personal emergencies.  To the extent that such leave exceeds available vacation and/or sick leave, any leave will be granted without pay.

Maternity/ Paternity:

       In order to receive paid maternity leave, a House Officer must utilize available vacation leave and sick leave.  Paid and unpaid maternity leave for up to six (6) weeks or extended unpaid maternity leave may be granted by the Department Heads as appropriate and as required by applicable law.  A House Officer wishing to receive paid paternity leave must utilize available vacation leave.  Under special circumstances and/ or as required by applicable law, extended leave without pay may be granted.

Educational Leave:

       House Officers are permitted five (5) days (including weekends) of educational leave to attend or present at medical meetings.

Family Leave:

       All House Officers who have worked for LSUHSC for twelve (12) consecutive months and 1,250 hours in the previous twelve (12) months, may be eligible for up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in each twelve (12) month period, in accordance with the requirements of the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA).

Sick Leave:

       House Officers are permitted fourteen (14) days (including weekends) of paid sick leave per year.  Sick leave may not be accumulated or carried forward into subsequent calendar years and may only be used for illnesses or injury of the House Officer.  Extended sick leave without pay is allowable, at the discretion of the Department or as may be required by applicable law.